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Domestic & COmmercial Systems


With over 25 years experience in air conditioner installation we have built strong expertise with a strong domestic and commercial customer base, with over 70% of our clients hiring us on recommendations and word-off-mouth. The other 30% are people like you, who are looking for trustworthy, reliable and experienced engineers to help and advice you on your cooling and heating needs.


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Energy efficient cooling & heating air conditioners

In the past cooling & heating air conditioners were thought to be a luxury home appliance, and only for commercial property, but with prevalence of extreme seasonal temperatures and the number of heat-sensitive technology in our homes, many of us are realising that it is becoming a essential home.

Our free site consultation provides clients with independent advice to ensure an energy efficient solution to your home can be achieved.

Taking the stress out of home installation

Installing home air conditioning can not only be your solution to the hot, sticky summer weather, but also to freezing cold winters as modern air conditioning units can work either to keep you cool, or to keep you warm.


All our customers are provided with a fixed quotation and offer extended warranties and after care servicing, with the domestic installation VAT rate at 5%. This providing you with a cost effective heating and cooling solution that ensures you have a comfortable place to relax, eat, entertain and sleep.


For the majority of homes, we recommend our multi-split inverter AC system, which have several benefits, including air cooling and heating. Not only are they energy efficient, they also allow you to switch off some rooms or to control each room’s temperature individually – saving you money with their lower electricity use.

For example, in a three-bedroom house, including an attic conversion, you could have our multi-split system throughout the house to cover each bedroom, the living room and the kitchen and control each room temperature individually, or turn off the kitchen and bedrooms when everybody is in the living room.


Maintenance &

service Contracts



We believe in being there when you need us, so, for a single annual fee we will come out to repair your air conditioning cooling and heating unit whenever it breaks down, whether it's a home air conditioner or on commercial premises. You don't even have to have had it installed with us, as long as you are with our part of our maintenance plan we'll repair your problem as soon as possible.

We also recommend and advise that you have your heating cooling air conditioners serviced approximately twice a year, especially if you use them constantly for extended periods of time. This normally the minimum top manufactures require to qualify for their extended warranty. Having your AC system serviced regularly can help to prevent unexpected breakdowns at inopportune moments that can lead to costly repair bills.

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